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Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

Green coffee bean extract has been long praised for its many benefits to a person’s health and wellness. The normal roasting process can often deplete regular coffee beans of their nutrients. However, running the green coffee beans through a centigrade process for approximately two hours can provide an end result that is rich in both chlorogenic and caffeic acids.

The Many Health Benefits of Adding Green Coffee Bean Extract
Recent studies have shown the added benefits of green coffee bean extract. In addition to combatting obesity, it can also be used to rev up your metabolism, slow down the aging process and reduce high blood pressure. The following information provides a closer look at how green coffee bean extract can prove helpful.

Weight Loss
A recent study in Japan has shown how green coffee extract can promote weight loss based on the two natural compounds found in the beans. Because the extract is obtained before the roasting process, caffeic and chlorogenic left intact can help individuals lose weight. Caffeic acid works by removing fatty acids stored in the body. Chlorgenic acids also aid in weight loss by helping the liver to better process the fatty acids more efficiently and decrease the body’s chances of gaining weight.

A Metabolism Booster
In addition to absorbing fat, green coffee extract has also been shown to help boost the body’s metabolic rate. The extract in the green coffee alters how the glucose is absorbed, making the caffeic acids better able to stimulate the body’s cells and boost an individual’s energy levels.

Weight loss and revving up the body’s metabolism are just a few of the benefits behind green coffee extract. The chlorogenic acid found in the extract can help individuals with diabetes by slowing down the release of glucose. It can also inhibit the way that it’s absorbed in the body. One study found that a simple dosage of 400 mg can reduce before meal glucose spikes significantly. Chlorogenic acid can also balance blood sugar levels by raising insulin secretions.

Anti-Aging Benefits
Green coffee extract can also help beat the aging process. Chlorogenic works as an antioxidant to destroy the body’s free radicals. If left behind to store, the results can speed up the aging process by leaving behind damaged cells. While grape seed and green tea extracts have been shown to absorb oxygen radicals thoroughly, green coffee bean extract can do it at double the rate. In addition to fighting the aging process, the antioxidants found in green coffee bean extract can also help combat cancer, heart disease and other ailments.

Reducing Blood Pressure
Roasted coffee has been shown to cause the blood pressure to rise in hypertensive individuals. However, the chlorgenic acids in green coffee bean extract can actually benefit those with high blood pressure substantially.

Better Liver Functioning
The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract can help the liver get rid of toxins that may be harming the body. While the extract is not a diuretic, it can aid in helping the body stimulate urination.

Improve Cognitive Functioning and Mood Booster
The caffeine found in the extract can have a positive impact on both your brain and mood. According to the latest studies, the unprocessed beans can improve the body’s memory, focus and attentiveness. It can also combat fatigue and help a person better their reaction time.

Green coffee bean extract is increasing in popularity because of its numerous health benefits. While certain famous television physicians have sung its praises as being instrumental in helping the body to lose weight, the significant health benefits of the extract go far beyond.