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Green coffee bean extract and Garcinia Cambogia are popular dietary supplements that have been proven beneficial for weight loss. Both of these supplements have taken the world by storm, but which is better? Although both have been taken my many individuals for weight loss, one works better than the other. Here are the benefits of both and which one is better as an effective weight loss supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green coffee beans have not been roasted. The amount of chemical chlorogenic acid is reduced in coffee beans that have been roasted, which is why green coffee bean contributes to weight loss. The chlorogenic acid that is present in green coffee beans can have an impact blood sugar and metabolism in a person’s body.

Green coffee bean extract does contain caffeine, and there have been studies that have proven caffeine can raise the metabolism in an individual by 3-11%. The other ingredient in green coffee bean, which is chlorogenic acid, can also help the body absorb carbohydrates. Studies have also linked chlorogenic acid to the reduction of body fat that is stored in the liver.

Furthermore, this ingredient can also speed the function of adiponectin, which is a fat burning hormone found in the body. Aside from the weight loss benefits, chlorogenic acid can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in individuals who take the supplement.

Green coffee bean extract has also been shown to reduce the glucose absorption in the body, which could contribute why the supplement has a positive impact on weight loss as well as protecting an individual from developing diabetes.

A study was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania in Scranton, which had 16 individuals who were overweight consume green coffee bean extract through capsules. These participants did not change their diet or exercise routine during the study. The results showed that the participants in the study lost an average of 17 pounds, which was the equivalent to 10% weight loss in the participants.

The study also concluded that the participants had an average decrease of 16% body fat. The study concluded that caffeine was not the primary ingredient in the green coffee bean extract that caused the results, but the chlorogenic acid was the ingredient that caused individuals that participated in the study to lose weight.

Garcinia Cambogia
Garcinia cambogia is another weight loss supplement that has become popular recently. Garcinia cambogia, which is also known Malarbar tamarind, is a tropical fruit that is known to suppress an individual’s appetite. The primary ingredient is hydroxycitric acid, which is also known as HCA. This ingredient is known to help an individual burn fat and suppress appetite.

There have not been many studies on the supplement, but the Journal of Obesity concluded from one study that individuals who took the supplement only lost 2 pounds compared to those who did not take the supplement. Furthermore, researchers could not conclude if the supplement helped individuals with weight loss as opposed to a reduced calorie diet and exercise.

Another study was performed and published in The Journal of The American Medical Association that showed participants in the study who did not take the supplement lost more weight than those who took Garcinia cambogia. The research concluded that participants in the placebo group lost an average of 2.16% body fat, and the participants that took Garcinia cambogia only lost an average of 1.6% body fat. Other studies have shown that Garcinia cambogia can be helpful with short-term weight loss, which showed participants lost an average of 2 pounds over a period of several weeks.

Which is More Effective?
Although both products can contribute to weight loss, green coffee bean extract is more effective in weight loss as studies have shown. Green coffee bean extract has been proven effective in numerous studies. Green coffee bean extract was also endorsed by the famous health expert, Dr. Oz. The well-known doctor promoted the benefits of green coffee bean extract on his television show in 2012.

Another advantage that green coffee bean extract has over Garcinia cambogia is the ingredient chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has been proven to be an effective ingredient that helps individuals with weight loss and additional health benefits such as lowering the risk of diabetes.