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Green coffee beans are raw beans that haven’t been roasted yet. Once coffee beans are roasted it reduces the amount of a chemical known as chlorogenic acid. Overall, green coffee beans have a much higher level of chlorogenic acid overall as compared to roasted coffee beans. The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans is believed to have a number of health benefits for weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, and others as well.

Green coffee gained in popularity as a weight loss agent after Dr. Oz mentioned it on his show back in 2012. In fact, Dr. Oz himself claims that the green coffee bean is very effective in burning fat fast and that no special diet or exercise is required.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works
As previously stated, green coffee beans offer a wide variety of positive health benefits in addition to just losing weight due to the high content of chlorogenic acid. In the case of high blood pressure, it may affect the blood vessels in order to reduce instances of high blood pressure.

As a weight loss agent, chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans is thought to have a huge impact on how the body processes blood sugar in addition to boosting metabolism.

Numerous studies and scientific evidence reveal that 100 percent Green Coffee Bean Extract offers the following benefits:

• Metabolism Booster
Green coffee beans are a natural weight loss product that can help the body to speed up the fat burning process at a much faster rate without the need to perform strenuous aerobics and spend hours at the gym to burn fat.

• Controls Blood Sugar Levels
When blood sugar levels are under control, the extract prevents fat from getting stored in the tissues of the body. Once the fat is eliminated, the extract ensures that it will stay gone for good.

• Reduces Sugar Cravings
As a result of well-balanced blood sugar levels, the intense cravings for chocolate and sugary foods in general is greatly diminished. Willpower is no longer an issue. Green Coffee Bean Extract will help you modify your eating habits starting from the inside out for maximum health benefits.

• Weight Loss Results are Doubled
Ongoing studies show that Green Coffee Bean Extract helps many people lose weight without the need for strenuous exercise, dieting, or altering their daily lifestyles whatsoever. However, by incorporating the extract in addition to following a nutritious diet and daily exercise, your weight loss results may double.

In its purest raw form, green coffee beans may hold the secret weight loss answer that countless people have been searching for. The research presented in one of the world’s biggest scientific society meeting’s revealed unprecedented excitement and promise in the field of weight loss study. It illustrated that both women and men alike who regularly took green coffee extract actually lost an amazing amount of fat and substantial weight by changing absolutely nothing in their everyday lifestyles.

Benefits of Forskolin
Forskolin is contained in the roots of a widespread herbal plant belonging to the mint family. Scientists have discovered that forskolin can greatly encourage the breakdown of stored fat in both human and animal fat cells. It’s also been shown to release fatty acids from the adipose tissue that leads to an increase in thermogenesis. This process results in substantial body fat loss as well as increasing lean body mass overall.

Forskolin is the key chemical found in the plant known as Plactranthus Barbatus deep in the roots. This ancient plant has been used to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma as well as heart disorders including angina (chest pain) and high blood pressure.

When ingested orally, forskolin is effective in treating obesity, insomnia, convulsions, allergies, blood clots, painful menstrual periods, sexual dysfunction in men, IRS (irritable bowel syndrome), UTI (urinary tract infections), and skin disorders including psoriasis and eczema.

How Forskolin Works
Forskolin works on the heart muscles and along the walls of blood vessels. It’s effective in producing a stronger heartbeat and also widens the blood vessels, which in turn significantly lowers blood pressure overall.

Although both Green Coffee Bean Extract and Forskolin each have a number of benefits to offer in terms of good health, Green Coffee Bean Extract may have the leading edge over Forskolin since it’s a better agent for promoting extreme weight loss in many cases.