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When most people hear the word “Coffee” they usually think of a certain infamous staple drink that has a rich aroma, a full bodied taste, and that is currently in the center of a raging debate about the health risks and benefits of drinking it. However, what most people do not know is that coffee beans that have not been roasted may hold the key to continued weight loss and long lasting health benefits. Green Coffee Bean Extract is becoming such a sensation is due to the appetite suppressant qualities of one of its main ingredients- cholorgenic acid.

What Makes Green Coffee Extract Different
Regular coffee beans that are intended to be used to make coffee are roasted at around 475 degrees Fahrenheit. While this process heightens the flavor of the bean, it also makes the bean lose up to 90% of its cholorgenic acid content. However, when the “green”, non roasted beans are processed, they retain the acid content, which allows the body to absorb more of it, and thus creates more of an appetite suppressant.

Why Appetite Suppressants Are Good
The reason appetite suppressants are so sought after is due to their ability to reduce hunger which then creates a weight loss effect. Instead of feeling hungry or snackish all the time, anyone who takes Green Coffee Bean Extract will be able to exercise more control over what they eat, when they eat, and how much they eat!

Benefits to Green Coffee Bean Extract
Other benefits to Green Coffee Bean Extract also exist. The pill that the extract comes in does not taste like coffee, and also contains very little caffeine when compared to other weight loss supplements. This means that the case of jitters that may be a side effect when other weight loss supplements are used are rarely experienced when Green Coffee Bean Extract is used. The cholorgenic acid in Green Coffee Bean Extract also has been shown to balance out blood sugar levels, boost metabolism levels, and reduce sugar cravings.

How It Works
When all this is taken into consideration, it is not surprising that taking Green Coffee Bean Extract can result in dramatic weight loss results! According to a study performed by Dr. Oz, men and women who took the extract lost 17 pounds in 22 weeks and an amazing amount of fat while changing nothing about their exercise regime or diet. The secret to the extract is how cholorgenic acid acts when ingested. Cholorgenic acid slows down the release and production of glucose, which effectively balances glucose levels in the body. As any doctor can tell you, when the glucose levels in the body are balanced, the insulin levels are also balanced.

This has two main effects on the body:
1. The body’s overall caloric intake is reduced
2. The metabolism in the liver is boosted

The combination of the two means that less fat is produced,and more stored fat is being burnt. Plus, because of the insulin levels being balanced, further cravings for high calorie and high sugar food are stopped before they even get started, which creates a weight loss effect while also creating healthy eating habits.

Needless to say, Green Coffee Bean Extract is an extremely effective weight loss supplement and appetite suppressant. Its active ingredient, cholorgenic acid, not only suppresses the appetite, it also balances out blood glucose levels, insulin levels, and reduces cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods. It is no surprise that this new use for coffee beans is becoming a weight loss sensation.