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Green coffee bean extract has been a hot topic since it was announced that this natural product was effective in helping one to burn fat and thus, lose weight. Many have questioned the validity of just how effective green coffee bean extract really is. We will break down the facts in this article and you can decide for yourself is this is a supplement you may want to try to help you lose those unwanted pounds.

Health Benefits of Green Coffee Beans
A green coffee bean is one that has not been roasted and in its natural form. Coffee beans naturally contain chlorogenic acid. Once roasted the bean has a reduced amount of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is responsible for aiding in dieting and losing weight, metabolism, reducing blood pressure and also helps to keep your blood sugar in check.

People with high blood pressure have seen an improvement in having high blood pressure lowered by taking green tee extract supplements. Diabetics have found that the supplement helps them keep blood sugar lower and without taking a prescription medication.

So how does weight loss tie in with green coffee beans? The chlorogenic acid is said to speed up your metabolism and also the way your body processes sugar, by having sugars processed faster also. By speeding up metabolism, your body has more energy. When you have more energy, you are more likely to be more active than you usually are and more calories are burned. This in turn leads to weight loss.

Diabetics benefit from green coffee bean supplements by lowering high blood sugars in a natural way. This is a great supplement for pre-diabetics but is in no means a replacement for oral medications and/or insulin for those who have had diabetes for several years or are insulin dependent. You should always check with your personal doctor before starting any new supplements or medications if you have any medical conditions.

Recommended Dosage
You will find a recommended dose and strength of green coffee bean supplements on the label of the product. The dosage and strength will vary according to the brand. However, studies reported that 80-200 mg daily of green coffee bean supplement would provide a modest amount of weight loss over a 12-week period.

For someone wanting a natural supplement to aid with weight loss, green coffee bean extract may be a good choice for you. Combined with counting calories, eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise will accelerate your weight loss and help you to reach your weight loss goal much faster. Please do remember to check with your doctor before starting a new weight loss program with green coffee bean supplement if you have any existing medical conditions.

Side Effects
While this supplement hasn’t been researched extensively, using the product in limitation and per your doctor’s recommendations should not cause any adverse side effects unless you have a pre-existing health condition, are sensitive to caffeine or are pregnant or nursing.

With this being said green coffee bean extract should not be inhaled and has shown adverse reactions when taking large doses. Diarrhea, bleeding, anxiety, increased plasma homocysteine levels which could lead to a heart attack are some of these adverse reactions when taking larger than recommended doses of green coffee bean extract.

Bottom Line
As with all medications and supplements, be sure to first check with your doctor before using and always follow his instructions on strength and dosage. Even though this is a natural supplement it should be taken as instructed